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Thursday, June 7, 2012


By Mystic Madam Misty Merkel
The future looks kind of bleak for the rest of this month. It will be cold and snowy in the northern states and cold and itchy in the south. A lot of bugs that like to bite will be hatching out in the south especially in Florida where my twin sisters are spending the winter. They asked me to come down but I am currently not making much money since my main clients are not doing any drilling right now. You see last year I started up a willow witching business.

Willow witching is where a psychic takes a willow branch and goes looking for places to drill for water, oil, gas etc. All you need for willow witching is a willow branch with two arms on it. You see the psychic holds a willow branch in each hand and then walks around with the center of the branch pointing forward. When the center part bends down to the ground then that is the spot to drill for your liquids or gases.

For the most part I did really well predicting where there was water. I did have an incident while willow witching for gas when I accidently found a gas line running under the ground. No one on the drill team got hurt although there was a minor explosion that started a three alarm forest fire. I’m still waiting for a court date for that incident.

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