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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


By Madam Misty Merkel
The stock market will do a lot of bouncing around in the beginning of the year but, will end the year much lower. The economy will do better than this year in 2010 but, the stock market creeps will be betting at the end of this year that 2011 and 2012 will be dismal years for people wanting jobs. They will be right.

There will start to be some food shortages next year. I just hope my tomato plants turn out better next year because I love tomatoes and they are really high priced in the stores. Next year 25% of Americans will miss meals because of the bad economy. Poor people will continue to get fatter and more hated by people on TV. Poor people eat mostly starches which make them fat and stupid people like Mika Brezinsky on MSNBC want to punish them because they can’t afford to go to fat farms like she does. Her daddy was a big shot democrat Secretary of State under Jimmy Carter so, how does she know that poor people should be punished because they cannot afford to eat low fat caviar like she and her daddy eat? She thinks that eating low fat caviar is a no brainier. The no brainier is that no fat caviar cost per pound what most people in America make in a week.

Now that left wing rich kids are offended I will turn my predictions toward rich right wing men. Rupert Murdock will get what he wants next year. Everyone in America will have to pay him a dollar for placing his thing in our living room. For one dollar you will be able to watch his thing, touch his thing and massage his thing. All he wants is one dollar. The old and young men at the networks are eager to massage his thing. That’s why our cable bills will go much higher next year.

Seriously, people all around the planet will be starving in 2011. Here in Northern n Michigan we are working on a “Road Kill for the Homeless Campaign”.
When people here have left over road kill meat they are encouraged to donate it to the local Salvation Army. We take care of our own in Northern Michigan.

The Democrats will loose seats in Congress in 2011 but, who cares. Big companies control our government. Only rich guys get to run the large corporations and only rich guys get to runt the congress, courts and White House. Us poor fold need to concentrate on the things we can control like who will sleep with my neighbor and who will sleep with my neighbors wife.

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