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Sunday, February 4, 2018


By Psychic Mystic Madam Misty Murky Merkle
The Trailer Park Psychic
Associate Contributor
Humor News Nuts Online Publications

Things have been heating up here in Northern Michigan. It is not just the weather but, stuff really started happening last week which could change the course of history for my trailer park. I was told by some scientist from NASA that what happened to me could change the world forever.

To begin with, everyone knows that recently Congress made everyone give up their free TV unless you bought a converter box from one of the companies that buys nice gifts for Congressmen, or pays for their vacations. Anyway, these boxes are called “perverter boxes” but, no one in my trailer park has figured out how to get a perverter box to work yet. I think this was a big rip-off since the perverter boxes cost a lot more than the coupon the government sent out. Everyone has been thinking that these perverter boxes are a big rip off then, old Chuck Birdsill came up with an idea. He said we should use aluminum foil to try to get in the new airwave signals: the same way we used aluminum foil to get in the Fox Network 20 years ago.

Chucks’ initial idea was not new. Everyone in Northern Michigan has been buying up aluminum foil to try to get a reception on their now, worthless TV sets. No one in my trailer park has to lock their doors anymore since the only valuable thing people here ever owned was their TV set. Now everyone hopes someone comes in and steals their TV so at least they might get some insurance money. Most of the people aren’t buying any insurance yet until after someone steals their Television. Everyone knows it is stupid to buy insurance before something happens. Why pay out all that money unless you are going to get more back on a claim you file as soon as you take out the policy?

As I said before, Old Chucky Boys’ initial idea was not at all original but, ’as several people who had tried to use aluminum foil pointed out, no one got any signal. But, someone in the trailer park with some smarts (probably one of those stuck up community college people) did have I think, a pretty good idea.

The idea was to build a giant tower made up of aluminum foil in the middle of the trailer park. We would connect the four trailers that are in the middle of the park and form our own giant antenna. The smart guy said the aluminum foil would pick up the signal and the trailers would amplify it so that everyone in the park would get to watch free TV again. The smart guy said he doubted we could pick up any local stations but, maybe we might get some Canadian stations in after all, Canadian TV is just a bunch of rebroadcast American TV shows anyway.

Within one week, we had saved up enough aluminum foil to build a thirty foot tall tower. We had a problem with sea gulls pecking away at the aluminum because most of it was recycled from our kitchens and still had food on it. We solved this by spraying the whole thing down with bathroom cleaner. This got rid of the sea gulls but, now the trailer park smells like a public restroom at a fast food restaurant. A clean one like you find in the morning not like the kind you find in the afternoon after the high school kids have been in their for lunch.

Anyway, once the tower was done and hooked up to the four trailers, we all sat in anticipation in front of our TV sets with our French/English dictionaries beside of us in case we got in one of those Montréal stations. But, nothing happened. All the TV sets in the trailer park just had static snow on them. We were all disappointed and depressed. Every resident in the trailer park met at the great shinny metallic tower. All that work for nothing.

As we were standing around sulking, I suddenly felt a buzzing in my teeth. The buzzing became louder and louder. I opened my mouth and everyone started looking at me as a voice began to speak from my mouth “Hello People of the Planet Earth. Live Long and Prosper. We are the Receptacons from the planet Receptor. We scan the Universe for highly technical devices that can receive our signals at faster than light speeds. You earth people have finally built such a device. You must be the most intelligent beings your planet has ever produced. You should be proud of yourselves. We will now transmit the blue prints to build a device to transmit and better receive signals from our civilization. We will also be transmitting the formula for eternal life. Please stand by.” Unfortunately, at that moment the brandy and orange juice drink I had for breakfast kicked in and I started to burp uncontrollably. I was not able to keep my mouth open without belching and drowning out the message. Finally I stopped but most of the message was never heard. The last words we heard were “if you accept our offer to keep in contact with our please contact us within a week on the new device you will construct from our blue prints. If we do not hear from you we will never bother you again but, you can keep our formula for eternal life as a gift from our people to yours.´

That was it. We haven’t heard from them since. NASA spent 11 billion dollar tryig to construct something that might pick up the signal from the Receptacons but, nothing happened. It seems the reason the message came out of my mouth is because of my gold crowns. It seems they are not really gold at all. My dentist bought some gold crown stuff off the internet from some lady in china. The crown material was really made up of a composite of American garbage like old baby diapers, clunker cars and drywall. The NASA scientist told me that I had in my mouth the makings of a space age material which was what brought our aluminum foil tower to life. One scientist told me the material “made the tower light up like a beacon across the cosmos”. I let NASA have my baby diaper composite crowns in exchange for some nice porcelain ones.

Our aluminum tower never brought any other signals in. In fact, just before we tore it down a bolt of lightning struck it. The lightning leaped to the four trailers, caught them all on fire and burned them to the ground. Luckily no one was hurt inside the trailers and, the owners went immediately out and bought fire insurance so they should be o.k.


By Madam Misty Merkel
Well, the weathers going to be much colder next week so, if you live in the South you should get in your fruits and veggies this weekend. The stock market is going to have at least one day next week with a triple digit loss. In addition, expect anything you eat in a restaurant next week to taste a little too salty.

Now I’ve got some really bad news. A few weeks ago I predicted my friend Mike here at this blog, would have a new girlfriend well, I was right. He has a new lady in his life but, she has a really bad problem. It seems that she is actually a vampire. I don’t mean one of these nut job college girls that run around the night clubs pretending they are really bad blood suckers. I mean she really is a 300 year old fang toothed monster.

I found out when Mike introduced her to me and he wanted me to tell them what the future had in store for them. Well, I went and got out my best polished Petoskey stone and had here rubbed it with her index finger. The stone started bleeding. Then, my neighbor’s wolf puppies started howling. I knew something was wrong with this woman so I got some garlic out of the refrigerator and set it on the table. She got up and left without saying a word. Mike looked puzzled and got up and went after her. Later that evening I tranced out with apricot brandy and the spirits revealed the creatures true age and confirmed she was a blood sucker.

I don’t know how to tell poor Mike. I don’t know how I’m going to stay safe myself now that I know what the lady craves. I do know she does not like garlic so; I’m keeping plenty of the stinky stuff around. I replaced my gold colored bling with garlic bling. My skin is no longer turning green from my jewelry but; my nose is running all the time.

I have an early alarm system already installed in my neighborhood in the form of the little wolves. I know that the wolf pups my neighbor has will start howling if the blood drainer comes calling. It’s good that I live in a trailer park with a bunch of red necks that pick up their pets when they go hunting. If you shoot a mama wolf it’s only right that you raise her pups like they were your own.

Monday, October 2, 2017


My Conversation With Ludwig The Martian
by Psychic Madam Mystic Misty Murky Merkel

Well, now the frost is on the foliage and there's a real nip in the air.  The leaves are turning color and the squirrels are trying to gnaw their way into my trailer.  All these signs point to fall and with fall comes the time when the souls of the departed wander aimlessly through my trailer park.  Unfortunately, most of these former personages usually end up at my door wanting me to impart to their living kith and kin certain information that the departed neglected to pass on before they passed on.  Some of the information involves finances such as regarding lost wills, buried treasures or, matters not so important like maybe something as mundane as to how to start the Chevy while in third gear or some family recipe for mincemeat that was never written down or passed on orally.   Of course, since the dead don't have any money it really is not profitable for me to use my gift to help their loved ones and, I don't run a charity here.  I have to make a living selling myself to those with cash.  Hence, because of all the bother from deadbeat deadsters I don't really look forward to Halloween anymore.

Of course my readers are a different matter.  I don't really make any money blogging about my psychic talents however, there is always the potential someone will take a commercial interest in my abilities and hire my abilities at what I hope would be premium prices.  So, for my many readers and potential benefactors I've planned something special to celebrate Halloween this year.  It has to do with the recent discovery of water on mars.  You see, since there is water on mars it only stands to reason deductively that there must also be intelligent life on the planet so, I decided to use my abilities to contact the Martians this year as sort of my Halloween treat for my dedicated readers and potential employers.

Now, in order to contact Mars I had to rely on my Petoskey stone.   The reason I used a Petoskey stone is because Northern Michigan and Mars are the only two places in the galaxy where you can find a Petoskey stone and since Petoskey stones are psychic mediums I figured I would be able to contact a Martian who was in possession of or vicinity of a Petoskey stone.  And so, I proceeded drinking a bottle of wine and going into a trance while rubbing a nicely polished Petoskey stone in between my fingers.

Well, it wasn’t long before I made contact with Mars.  In fact, it was with a Martian named Ludwig.  "Hello Ludwig," I called out across millions of miles of space.   "Don't be alarmed.  I'm Psychic Madam Merkel calling out to you from planet earth.  I can sense you are not human and I believe your name is Ludwig, am I correct."

A few moments passed.  I imagined the alien creature might have been a bit shocked hearing from someone from another world.  "Hi madam Merkel," a voice deep within my head responded.  "I am on planet mars and my name is Ludwig.  I was just polishing my Petoskey stone and thinking about visiting earth."

"Visiting Earth?" I said.  "Why would you be visiting earth?"
"Well Madam Misty, I'm out of cigarettes.  You wouldn't happen to have any cigarettes on you?"

“No, I don't have any cigarettes,” I said. "Cigarettes aren't good for you so I don't smoke them."

"Then, do you have any beer," Ludwig asked. 

"No I don't have any beer," I replied.  "I can't drink beer because it gives me gas.  I drink only wine and liqueur and I only drink them because they help to put me in a trance so I can contact spirits."

"That's too bad," Ludwig commented in a dejected voice.  "I need a smoke really bad.  I guess I'll have to go to earth and pick up some smokes and beer."

I said, "Since you’re going to come to earth then you must have space travel technology."    

Nah; we don't have any spaceships or any technology at all. We just have rocks.  That's all we've got here.  A guy recently discovered water here but, no one knows what to do with it.  It's really weird stuff.  First it's hard then, it's soft, it's hot, it's cold.  Like I said, it doesn’t seem to be good for much but maybe we can sell it to tourists as a souvenir or something.   I really don't know but, I do need to get to earth to get some cigarettes."

"Well, if you don't have spaceships how are you going to get here?" I asked.

"I’ll just hitch a ride from some passersby’s.   I just have to climb up a mountain and stick out my yozi and someone will stop."    
"So you just hitchhike from planet mars onboard some spaceship from another world.  And, you stick out your "yozi."  So, what's a yozi anyway?  Is it like the human thumb that we humans use to get a ride?"

Artist Concept:  Martian uses yozi to hitchhike to earth.
“It’s not like a thumb,” Ludwig responded, “A yozi is the only appendage that we Martians have.  I know you earth people have all kinds of things sticking out of you: you have arms and legs and those long gnarly things that are on the ends of your arms that you stick up your nose to clean it out.  By the way, that habit of yours is really gross.  I would never stick my yozi up my nose of course; I don't have a nose; all I have is a yozi."

"That seems pretty odd," I commented, "What can you do with just a yozi?"

"We do everything with our Yozi," Ludwig replied.  "We hop around on our yozi, we shoot hoops with our yozi and we play tetherball with our yozi.  Of course the Martian with the longest yozi usually wins at tetherball but hey, it's still our major sporting event and it’s one where every Martian can show off his or her prowess with his or her yozi.  And finally, the best thing that we do is we cuddle with our yozi.  It’s pretty hard to cuddle if you don't have a yozi.  Of course you humans couldn't know anything about cuddling since you always have your fingers up your nose and who'd want to cuddle with you anyway after you've been digging away up your nose all day." 

I began to become afraid that Ludwig was taking me into some deep dark places that I and my readers did not want to go so; I decided to end the conversation.  "Well, Ludwig," I said," I hope you can catch a ride to earth so you can get some cigarettes and beer.  I'm going to have to be going now since the wine I drank is wearing off and I'm starting to come out our my psychic trance but, before I go I just want to wish you and all my readers a Happy Halloween."

Then Ludwig said “And, a Happy Halloween to you Madam Merkel and to all the peoples of earth.  I just wish I had some cigarettes."     

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