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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


By Madam Mystic Merkel

I hate bitter wines. I guess I am part Jewish because I love those sweet wines they make. Of course whenever I go out with a sophisticated boyfriend they seem to think that if a wine is really bitter tasting and nasty then it is really good. They say to me about their favorite wine that they want me to drink, “drink this and you will grow hair one your chest.” Well, I don’t want to grow hair on m my chest. Some of the wines my boyfriends have made me drink have grown hair on my eyeballs. And a month later I had to shave the hair off my tongue.

Well anyway, I think next month will really stink for investors who are not into oil and other energy stocks. I also have been told by various visiting spooks that next month the winner of the 2012 election for presidency will announce his/her candidacy. Other than that, the weather is really going to stink all around.

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