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Monday, August 12, 2013


By Mystic Madame Misty Merkel
Contributor:  Humor News Nuts Psychic News

That meteorite shower we had the other day must have been awesome to see.  I was in a trance speaking to spirits so I missed it.  However, my new little calico cat that lives under my trailer came home with glowing crap all over him.  It seems the meteorite burned up and a bunch of radioactive dust fell down all over everything outside.  I wouldn't have thought anything of it but then this morning my cat crawled out from underneath the trailer and looked like a 22 foot long python with just a little bit of calico fur sticking out around the mouth.  I went outside with a can of tuna to see if my kitty wanted anything to eat and he just hissed at me and stuck out his long pink tongue.

After that I decided I was not going to feed anymore stray cats.  They are just so ungrateful.    I realize that my kitty had been physically changed by the radiation from the meteorites but, still he had no business being rude to me after I had been sharing my tuna fish with him.  

Well, my kitty-python has moved on down to Mrs. Allen's trailer next door.  Maybe she might feed the creature but, I will not.  I haven't seen Mrs. Allen around lately so I haven't had a chance to ask her about the kitty-python.  Although, I think she must be feeding it well because the creature has a big bulge in it's belly that is at least five feet long.      

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